5 nov. 2010

Detecting clues for alien existence...¿Mars? ¿Mercury?

I don't deny
I was always interested in
pAraNoRmaL PhEnoMenoM in my early teens....

but I never thought I would work looking for life on oThErs PlAnEts....

8 oct. 2010

Tonight, Drum & Bass

when things are going well....work, social life, got the money invested....

Take the most of it now!!!!

....you don't know when Murphy's law will be focused on you again!

3 oct. 2010

Y yo con estos pelos....

Rainy Sunday.

Indian remedy for headaches + Lindor Chocolates.

2 oct. 2010

Welcome to Lesta, welcome to India

After seeing everyone yesterday, today was market day....

bowl bananas 50p!!!!!

The basket was filled with vegetables and fruits: carrots, onions, garlic, red peppers, bananas, raspberries...

The night ends as it deserves, with lots and lots pints of beer.

Good night everybody! ;)